Apache start problem

29 07 2009

This week I ran into a perplexing problem. For no apparent reason, apache on xampplite (lightweight version of xampp) tripped each time I tried to start it. It would launch, say it launched, and then shut down immediately. Asking Google was about as productive as gnashing my teeth while pounding keys wildly.

Then I found the solution: apache uses port 80, as does – Skype, that troublesome monster that’s wrecked every page I load that uses AJAX. Anyway, the problem was easily solved by opening Skype and going to Tools->Options->Advanced->Connection and unchecking the box that reads “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”.  If you found this post because you’re having the same problem, give it a try – otherwise throw it into your sack of trivia for next time you need to impress everybody at a party.